Smeg cookers: Leading style. Inspired by the cookers used by the world’s greatest chefs

Smeg cookers are available in gloss black, stainless steel or gloss cream finishes. Smeg ovens: top design. Influenced from the ovens as used by the world’s very best culinary experts.

Smeg delivers true design and style icons where by design and classiness come together...

Smeg cookers offer plenty of Italian style and charm to make certain that smeg range cookers continue to acquire just as much attention nowadays as they did when initially popular during the 1980's. Knowsley Domestics, based in Liverpool, offer you premium quality home kitchen appliances for your household. merging technological innovation, style and design, our smeg products and solutions consist of: fridge freezers, ranges, hobs and cookers.

Virtually all the cookers in smeg ovens are A energy rated, built to perform at optimum effectiveness whilst lowering power usage towards the minimum amount. Products boasting the A-10% mark can help to eliminate electricity usage by a further 10% from the typical A Energy rating.

Smeg home appliances are continually using the most up-to-date design and style developments. All functions are made to combine simplicity of use with invention and research. These cookers are attractive, functional, exceptional and designed to further improve the look of modern day kitchen areas. Numerous colour choices enable you to decide on an oven which will match beautifully with your kitchen. Smeg ovens can be purchased in gloss black, stainless-steel or gloss cream finishes.

Liverpool Smeg Range Cooker

Smeg's comprehensive selection of beautifully refined built-in cookers has continued to develop as a result of considerable research, providing maximum functionality across a variety of features and ensuring optimum versatility of use and greatest safety fuctions. Wonderful kitchen appliances which flawlessly blend various materials, for example stainless-steel, glass and enamelled surface, Smeg ovens range with regard to dimension, features, and cooking settings. Electric powered versions include things like pizza, convection, fan and self-cleaning ovens and also a speed oven. Smeg has developed solutions with the customer at heart: simple to use and low maintenance ranges that ensure professional overall performance for even less skilled culinary experts.


Choose from a variety of dual fuel cookers and range cookers from smeg. From 60cm, 80cm and 90cm wide through to 100cm, 110cm and 150cm, there is a stainless steel.  The stove's burners range from a small auxiliary burner right up to a large wok burner. And to help keep your family safe, a flame failure safety device will instantly switch off the gas if the flame happens to go out. 

There is a fantastic range of colours and styles available, including the fashionable stainless steel versions.   Therefore, the looks and outside design of these appliances can be of disproportionate importance to some buyers.

The vast smeg electric cooker range includes convection ovens, where heat is generated from elements in the roof and the base at the same time, fan ovens for cooking. 

Closed door grilling and cooking is an important feature in Smeg ovens, keeping cooking smells inside the oven and out of the kitchen, ensuring a safe cooking environment and reducing energy consumption. This is made possible as Smeg incorporate its excellent air cooling system in all ovens and cookers. Many models include a switch which automatically turns off the power when the door is open, maintaining minimum energy consumption.

Looking inside the oven, you have 79L of cooking capacity to work with. The interior is lined in Ever-Clean enamel, which has been designed to be durable and easy to keep clean. To easily get rid of any food splashes on the interior, without chemicals or scrubbing, the oven’s Pyrolytic mode can blast food residue to ash with a three-hour high-temperature cycle. But if your oven only needs a light clean, the Eco Pyrolytic mode can deliver a 90 minute blast, saving you time and electricity.

For the best freestanding ovens and cookers shop online. Our range includes smeg. miele, bosch and many other top quality brands of freestanding ovens at fantastic prices. Order online or visit our showroom in Liverpool.

Smeg cookers, ovens and ranges ar available in our branch in Liverpool smeg cookers available online or telephone 0151 546 7911