Dedicated Freezer Or Fridge Freezer?  

When furnishing your kitchen, it can be a case of comparing different appliances to find the appliances that will cater for your needs. Having a standard fridge freezer might be okay for the everyday user, but a dedicated freezer can provide for great cost savings in the long term. Having more freezer space, you can afford to freeze bulk items you could of bought on special offer, or ingredients and meals that you wouldn’t be able to keep due to space limitations. We’ve all been in that position where we have to throw something away that we had to use later, but with a dedicated freezer, you won’t have to be forced to throw things away you could of kept for later use or consumption. We also find that buying things like meat in bulk can offer great money savings, which you could keep for a longer duration of time if you have the facilities of a dedicated freezer.

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If you’ve decided to buy a dedicated freezer, like all appliances, there is a multitude of different features, types, options and styles you can pick from. The main distinction between the types of freezers is upright or chest styles, as both of these designs can offer different options for different households. Both offer different advantages and disadvantages that may make or break your opinion to have one in your house.  

We’ll talk about upright freezers first, as these are the most common to have in a household, due to their smaller sizes, which give them the ability of fitting under countertops. For houses like bungalowsflats and small student houses, an upright freezer will probably be ideal, as the short height with the storage capacity is perfect for a moderate level of usage. The addition of the drawers makes it great for organising your food so you can get to it whenever you need. However, for those wanting more storage for a longer storing solution, then they may not find their solution from an upright freezer. Even with the taller variations, you are still limited by the addition of the hinged door, as there is only so much room they can fit into an upright freezer. You are looking at a higher price point for an upright freezer however, which could sway your opinion, as models of upright freezers can be twice as much as a chest freezer. 

For those looking for more storage room, the chest freezer may be the solution for them, as the flat format of the chest freezer gives it much more space. The freezer is pretty much a drop in box, with some metal cages for separate compartments, but most of the time you will be stacking things on top of each other which gives a less organised solution than the upright freezer, however if you are storing bulk items like meat or seafood then you’ll only be taking what you need, so they will always have to be stored which is an advantage of the chest freezer. A drawback however is the fact that the items at the very bottom can be trickier to get out, but we feel that this is a small drawback considering the amount of extra storage you get from the chest freezer. 

Another aspect you should consider is the increase in fridge space if you were to get a stand-alone fridge too, as you’d be able to have a dedicated upright fridge if you had a fridge freezer combination before. This would however increase energy costs so this is an aspect you could consider if you/ your family requires this amount of storage.  

If organisation is important to you, then an upright freezer is undoubtedly ideal for you. You will be paying extra for organisation, but it its more convenient for those who don’t need deep storage. For those who are looking for an economical food storage solution, the chest freezer is a cheaper option, with a larger storage capacity. There are variations in-between these two with smaller/larger variations that can suit every household, but these two basic types of freezers distinguish your space, and are definitely suited for different users. 

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