Should I repair or just replace my washing machine? By Knowsley Domestic Liverpool

A common thought in many home owners have when an appliance breaks is whether they should pay for a repair out of warranty, or whether they should just replace the appliance. Most often or not, the appliance is older so it’s probably out of warranty, which means repairs are the only option, but sometimes repairs can be very costly. Especially for washing machines as they have expensive motors, pumps and other internals can be very costly especially for older models as these parts are either produced in limited numbers or not at all.

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If you were to purchase a new appliance, you would reap a lot of advantages from a newer appliance as new technologies are being integrated into appliances on a rapid basis. Things like softer agitators, which are going to be kinder to your clothing so that they aren’t either torn or stretched by washing them, which is a great addition that many people couldn’t live without. Modern appliances are also a lot cheaper as the market is quite saturated. With so many new appliances being put onto the market, companies have to price their product more competitively, whilst still keeping the same quality they had before.

Newer appliances are also more efficient than their older counterpart as newer technologies have been integrated as regulations require appliances to comply with the EU’s widespread energy expenditure limits, so a lot of appliances are built to be efficient from the ground up. This also bodes well for the consumer as a more efficient appliance is a cheaper device to use and that will result in a cheaper energy bill. This might not seem like much on a small scale but over time a newer appliance could save you a lot of money. We find that most newer appliances are around 30% more efficient than their older models from even 4-5 years ago, so going for a new appliance could really help your energy bills slim down.

If you still want to consider a repair then you should think about how often you use the appliance and if it’s worth delving into a repair. If you’re using your washing machine 5 times a week then it might be time to purchase a more reliable appliance, whereas if the washing machine you only used once a week has broken down, then it may be worth opting for a repair as it could of just been a faulty part that failed you.

If you are repairing an older appliance then it might not be worth it as it could just keep failing on you, which means nothing but more repairs. Unless the repair lasts then you could just be left with a money pit whereas you would of saved money just replacing the appliance. The idea of saving money is tempting but if your appliance is letting you down then it might be time to delve in and go for a new appliance.

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